Welcome to our new and improved website!

For the past two days, we’ve been working hard with our ”new” website that looks better, is easier to navigate, and is much simpler for you to use our search and find what you looking for. Our aim is that our ”new” website is a user-friendly one, for both old and new users of the site.

While the old blog links now redirect here, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just enter a search phrase on the toolbar at the top right and we’ll turn our wheels to find it for you.

That’s what we have been doing while our website was in maintenance mode:

– Improved color of the website, made it a bit easy on the eyes.

– Added better and faster search function.

– Male Celebrity and Gifs/Video pages has been removed, They will be back come later!

– Removed some old codes to improve website speed.

– Added Cloudflare for faster response, This took about 24 hours to be activated and pointed to our server DNS. That’s why we had our website down for days.

– HTML 5 for a content-rich experience and is mobile- and tablet-friendly.

– Caching enabled now to improve speed of our website.

– We installed forum, That is now under construction, we will try it as soon as possible.

Find problems on our website? Please let us know!

If you have a suggestion on how to further improve our website, please let us know.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to our new and improved website!”

  1. Hi, will you post more Bella Thorne, Peyton Roi List and Chloe Moretz fakes?

    I see that the website is new so i hope those are still coming

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