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Posted: 2016-06-25

CF was down due…

Celebrityfakes.co was down for almost a mouth due a lots of copyright infringement from some fucking agents who represents some celebrities and finally our hosting company was forced to shut down our website. Since then we have been fighting for our rights of speech and so on… We are back and we made great deal with our hosting provider. CF is here to stay!


Posted: 2015-12-06


We hope you like the new design on Celebrityfakes.co website. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve done our best to re-design the Celebrity Fakes website. Fortunately, it’s been a relatively smooth process and I want to make sure we’ve thought of EVERYTHING before then…So I was hoping to get your opinion on it!


Posted: 2015-05-15

We are now mobile friendly.

Now Celebrityfakes.co wants to make sure that our website is mobile friendly, with more people accessing websites using their smartphones. Load times, readability and images often render differently on a smaller screen. Our new phone friendly web site is designed for visibility and the loading time is faster, with simplified navigation and being thumb friendly it allows you to visit our website fast and quickly. Check out our phone friendly web site using your smartphone or tablet.


Posted: 2015-04-05

Comments form removed!

We permanently disabled comments from Celebrityfakes.co website. We have configured Celebrityfakes.co to not accept comments on posts, and also require a visitor to be registered before posting comments. And yet, spam comments are getting through via spambots. This keeps making our server completely crazy by using lots of rams from our server and this makes the whole server goes down. So we have no choice!


Posted: 2015-04-03

New Twitter

We have created new twitter account follow us now @BestFakesOf.


Posted: 2015-04-01

New server!

Hello. We want to start by saying that we are sorry for the long downtime due to server upgrade. Celebrityfakes.co has a new server and still use the same hosting company. We will not posts new fakes right now and there’s only one good reason for this. We want to see how this new server behave. Since we have noticed that new server is a bit slow and we do not know why it is and just for that we must wait and see before starting to post new fakes.

If the server stays online for two more days without going down, We will begin posting new fakes.


Posted: 2015-03-02

Twitter gone!

Thank you twitter 🙁 Today they suspended our twitter account( @celebritysfakes) Without given any reasons! Sorry dear followers. We have sent request to twitter staff.


Update: 2015-03-26

It’s gone! They will not allow Celebrityfakes.co on Twitter, They refuse to give any reason only telling us to read the twitter rules.


Posted: 2015-02-21

Todays Posts/Fakes

Finally, We did it. Now you can see posts only from the current day in a simple page right here!


Posted: 2015-02-20

Google Search

Yes, It’s become much easier to find stuff in our website thanks to (Google Custom Search), When using it google will go through entire (Celebrityfakes.co) database, images and posts in one click. Try it out.

Here where you find it:
Google Search


Posted: 2015-01-01

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