2 thoughts on “Tina Fey Bunny”

  1. Now that’s an Easter treat I would love to eat and eat, then fuck, and eat, and eat,and fuck then eat and eat and eat. Hey,hey, hey, its Tina Fey. I could eat her out all night and day. Eat her pussy, eat her ass. Eat her slow then eat her fast. Eat her up, eat her down, eat her out all over town. Fuck her deep, fuck her hard, in the house or in the yard. I would feed her, I would breed her, then turn around and I would eat her. Hey, hey, hey, what can I say, I do love some Tina Fey!!!

    1. You may think that it’s funny, but I would fuck her like a bunny!!! You may think that it don’t merit, but I would fuck her with, then eat the carrot.

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