Is it really free? How do you make money?

Yes! is absolutely free! To offset the costs associated with web hosting and maintenance, We are supported with advertising banners. We do make about 15-35 dollar every 20 days, and some times more or less. Depends on how our users are visiting us, or if they click on advertising banners. So thats why we stay free and never asks for donations.

How do remove pop-ups and advertising banners?

Use Firefox or Chrome with Adblock and don’t complain! If you are using Internet Explorer then it’s too bad for you.

Don’t be fooled!

NEVER donate to any celebrity fakes website out there if they ask you! Most of them runs advertising to help them with hosting costs and other stuff if they don’t have advertising on their website then they have it on their other website! So don’t donate any money, They only doing this to get money for them SELF not for their website. And it DOESN’T cost much money to run and setup a website. If it does then move to other hosting. Believe me, I Learned My Lesson!


Dr. Fake